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Rebel Squad - At training

Rebel Squad - Lead by basketsgolba

Rebel Squad is one of the super-powers on ROBLOX, it holds over 20,000 users in the military. They are fairly active and they have very good places (wonderful functioning scripts & gui's).

Rebel squad is allied with some great super-powers on ROBLOX; such as First Encounter Assault Recon, The ROBLOX Assault Team, United Clan of ROBLOX, and Lortex Security. All lead by very good leaders. Rebel Squad was created/founded by Jaredvaldez2, a very famous place "copier."


Ranks in Rebel Squad

[L1] Trainee
[L1] Specialist
[L1] Operative
[L1] Agent
[S] Diplomat
[S+] Ambassador
[L2] Captain
[L2] Official
[L3] Apprentice
[L3] Minister
[L3] Senior Minister
[L4] Overseer
[L4] Director

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